Credo Capital Small Cap Growth

Our goal: To invest in unique companies that could surprisingly double or triple earnings over the next three years.

The fortunes of small companies or small-cap stocks transform dramatically over multi-year periods. Behavioral biases hinder market participants from embracing these non-linear or large shifts. Credo’s small cap growth strategy attempts to exploit the inefficiencies that arise from those behavioral traps.

We build portfolios of 60–80 companies that could surprisingly double or triple earnings in three years. While quantitative factors play a role in our screening phase (where proprietary tools help us find evidence of investor apathy), we accomplish this largely through deep, bottom-up research that focuses on major fundamental shifts over a three-year time horizon.

Inception date

February 1, 2013

Performance benchmark

Russell 2000 Growth Index


George Sakellaris, CFA

Small Cap Growth

A contrarian approach to growth investing.

Quarterly Letter

2013 Q3 Performance Report (pdf)