The capital partner to
fintech and investors.

Enabling direct and unique access to proven financial assets.

Credo Capital Partners bridges capital markets and fintech in order to build the financial ecosystems of tomorrow. As a partner to fintech companies, we support their growth through enabling disintermediation of financial assets.

Equally, as a trusted partner to investors we provide unique access to normally non-accessible attractive financial assets in Europe. Credo Capital Partners leverages its track record and partnership with the best alternative lenders to evaluate, buy and sell financial assets creating attractive, stable and risk diversified returns to its investors.

Based in Stockholm and London, Credo is primarily focused on markets in Northern Europe.

Team with established and diversified track record.

Senior team with 100+ years and over €5bn of relevant experience across equity and debt investments, risk and technology, and building and running successful financial services businesses.


Credo Capital Partners secures a milestone investment in the manager from FinRebel, a US based fintech investment fund led by Bruno del Ama.